Rollo Tomassi Comments On Tim Pool Hosting Fresh And Fit

Tim Pool had Fresh And Fit on his Timcast. Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male broke it down:

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The Rational Male: Rollo Tomassi On Game vs. PUA

Are Game & PUA synonymous? Of course not. Back when we started PullJoy, I might have said yes. But just as not all Alpha Males are red pill (Will Smith, e.g.), and not all Beta Males are blue pill (Hugh Hefner, e.g.) – Game transcends pickup. Rollo Tomassi of Rational Male fame, explains why:

Witty > Funny: When Women Say They Love Humor, They Don’t Mean A Dancing Monkey

How important is a good sense of humor on a date? Pretty damn significant- according to every survey which asks women what qualities they like in men. Sometimes it even ranks highest. As if women know what they REALLY want. But that’s another post (scientific studies from institutions such as Northwestern University prove women do not know what sexually arouses them). Anyway, when women say “funny”, what they mean is witty. Quick on your feet. Able to handle yourself smoothly when engaging a table of her and three of her girls. At ease countering her s— tests. Clever. Think Craig Ferguson- or Sean Connery as 007- not Conan O’Brien or Kevin Hart. Most of all, NOT TRY HARD. A dancing monkey is too likely to get friend zoned. Don’t perform. Use the same muscle you use when busting your boys’ balls over something they say or did. Tease sometimes.

Stay natural. A witty guy is sexy. JFK was witty. YouTube Marlon Brando in interviews taped during the mid-1960’s. He was a master (especially when pretty girls were around). The key is the humor can’t seem rehearsed, she becomes attracted when the remarks are rooted in the situation and the moment. If you aren’t so natural in this regard, watch some Brando, or some Kennedy press conferences. Notice the patterns, the vocal tones, the element of surprise, and even their facial expressions. Then go meet some women- wit in text or on a dating app isn’t as effective as during day or night game. You’ll soon see a marked difference in how beautiful women respond to you. It’s a gateway drug to the bedroom.

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Why Did PullJoy© Come Back? Smooth Nation = Popular Demand

Folk have asked why now? Where was PullJoy© all these years, and what prompted my return? Well, the short answer is popular demand. My followers asked me back. I’m flattered, Smooth Nation®. Even if I hadn’t been asked back, social dynamics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, incels, Instagram, CryptoCurrency, OnlyFans, the MIGTOW “movement”, red pill, & Me Too might have pushed me back into the breach. So here we are, new dating ecosystem and all. So let’s explore this evolving universe together.

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PullJoy©: Secrets Of A Pickup Artist

A Pretty Girl Reacts To Red Pill Talk

A beautiful woman reacts to a video by Alpha Male Strategies:

The Fearless Man Q & A: Ask Me Anything

The Fearless Man takes your questions:

Coach Corey Wayne: Why She Lost Interest

When you simp, act blue pill, and overly validate women you don’t know well yet- they bounce. When you’re too braggadocious on first dates, you don’t let her talk or share, you overspend before she has intimately committed, the babe views you as low value- even if you’re attractive or fit or amusing on paid? Why is this? Its because her female nature tells her you are too “try hard”. Hetero women have evolved (by necessity) to seek males who aren’t try hard. Who don’t validate before they smash. Who don’t lead w/ their wallets or their resumes. Coach Corey Wayne lays out why women leave when you open up too much early on:

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Using Abundance Mindset To Your Advantage: Male Attention Is An Equivalent Commodity To Female Beauty

I’m back SmoothNation©. In more ways than one. I’ve returned to the manosphere blogosphere (by popular demand). And I’m back in the game (as more U.S. states unmask & open venues). My return is accompanied by a marked evolution of my game. New threads, New attitudes. The red pill. Recently, a massage therapist who is about a 9.4, started catching feelings f/ me. Mind you, in the summer of 2018, a massage therapist much younger than I, stepped to me after a session, w/ her age, relationship status & digits- and informed me she was childless. We dated between countries for more than a year. Fast forward to now. This red hot massage therapist texted me last week “I’m tired”. Next text = “Miss your massage” (I rub her down, I don’t really let her touch me- as the few times I’ve been to her, I’m fully dressed when she enters the room). I didn’t respond. Abundance mindset guys. The finer they are, the better it works (because the hotties expect it the least). The following day I just showed up and rubbed her down.

Yesterday she texts me “Hey”. I say nothing. Eight hours pass. I say “Bad Boy will take care of you later this week”. Her response? I smiley face emoji w/ closed eyes, followed by a text reading “Yes, thinking of bad boy” (with an emoji of a boy’s head in the text). Long story short guys? Employ an abundance roster. Maintain a nice roster (quality over quantity) such that no one babe means to much, no single rejection overhurts. It positions you not to jump @ female attention- even from dimes. I learned this lesson the hard way. But when I get w/ the baddest of the bad, it’s on my time not their whim- and when they least expect it. It creates drama, and ensures curiosity. Dimes fall f/ you when you’re not around, not when you are. In their presence, all you’re really responsible f/ is staying in state, and creating the energy she loves.

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Alpha Male Strategies: Finding The Red Pill Is A Curs

Is it a mixed blessing to be PullJoy©? Alpha Male Strategies thinks so: