A Book By Its Cover

Whither threads? How much attention to women pay to our wardrobe? It varies, but women by nature note color and fabric- dates back to our hunter-gatherer origins- when they picked the fruits and veggies. The first thing they look at is your shoes, tells them whether you take care of things or not. Still, taste is personal. Here, you should be concerned not so much with whether she thinks you’re in style, but whether she thinks you have one. You see, fashion is fleeting, style is eternal. I’m not saying you have to dress up, gel or mousse your hair, or abandon your jeans. I’m telling you not to dress like the pack.

Stand out.

Adopt a style all your own and stick to it, despite what dominates the mags and the clubs. If it is straight from the men’s pages, make sure it suits you (all the best men’s rags have articles on this). Most of the male models on the runway look like Euro geeks when not draped in haute couture. A singular style tells a beautiful girl you’re original, and if you’re original in that area, what must you be like in the sack?



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