Grow Your Swagger

How’s your DVD library? Is it stocked with gems such as “20 Dates”, “The Color of Money”, “Swingers”, “Hitch”, “Alfie” (the original w/ Michael Caine), “Must Love Dogs”, “Down With Love”, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, “Boomerang”, “To Catch a Thief”, “The Truth About Cats and Dogs”, “Wedding Crashers”, “The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human”, “What Women Want”? It should be, ’cause if you’re gonna transform your ‘tude, you have to watch the masters. Pop culture is our friend, guys. The screenwriters have laid it all out for you- no pun intended. How better to reassure yourself before a Saturday night that a posture of “we’re only here once, there must be a reason, and life’s too short not to be enjoyed” than popping in Sean Connery as 007. His game was tight because when thrown into circumstances where sexy women were about, he seized the opportunity. Talk about carpe diem.

A word about the fairer sex. This blog serves not to objectify, but de-mystify. I wanna help you get that hot girl who works in the bank or the coffee shop off the pedestal and onto some pillows. I love women. By and large, they’re more perceptive, feeling, and linguistic than you guys. There are all manner of intelligences, whether one uses Bloom or Howard Gardner as a guide, but long story short- they’re smarter than we are. But no matter the woman’s cerebral bent, or ambition, even those with the stuff to become Supreme Court justices, Speaker of the House, or president, are sexual. If they weren’t, population growth would come to a standstill, and we men would have to amuse ourselves. Grab some cultural role models, treat women as the human beings they’ve been asking us to treat them as for decades, and let’s get busy. The beauty of it is, the techniques the cats in these films applied toward attracting and seducing hotties, apply to exhibiting self-worth in other areas of life.



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