He Got Game

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Hayden Panettiere. You can build your confidence with women daily, by changing your attitudes about the differences between women and men, about yourself and your happiness, how we’re socialized, and about rejection. If you wish to be in the company of beautiful women, the first barrier that must fall is any intimidation on your part. Women are as sexual as you, and in some less than obvious ways, moreso. Babes don’t spend all that money on cosmetics and high heels for nothing (and no, it’s not solely for other women, unless one means in the competitive sense). They also don’t know you’re afraid to approach them unless you show that you are. And if you don’t get in there and start swinging, you aren’t gonna hit any home runs any way. Even major league batters fail the reach base seven of every ten tries- and those are the good ones.

If they sold swagger in a bottle we’d all have it. Ever see the original version of “The Nutty Professor” on AMC? Jerry Lewis as “Buddy Love”? There was a cool customer. Forget the Kennedy Era sexism, we’re talking about human nature here. Buddy’s flippant, “You’re gonna say yes” ‘tude was his secret. Dude was tossing negs before there was a word for it. He got his from a bottle. You’re gonna get yours from a blog. Tell your boys.



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