Pimp Your Crib

Peek at some living and design mags, nose around Pier 1, and every other paycheck or so, add an interesting touch to your spot. A quirky lamp here, red throw pillows there, funky drinking glasses or an interesting bath mat- things that say “aesthetically mindful”. A look at a couple of those “Trading Spaces” clones all over cable t.v. couldn’t hurt.

If you don’t have one, get a brightly-colored bedspread, preferrably multicolor bright. Women wear far more shades of clothing than we do, and have an eye for color and the distinctions thereof. Far more men than women are red/green color blind.

Keep plenty of water and towels on hand, and maintain a neat bathroom- women will be spending a lot of face time there. Nothing turns a woman off before potential sex more than a grubby shower. When your space, no matter how modest or small, has attractive features, it bolsters your confidence when you’re out on the make. When it looks like a hellhole, part of you doesn’t want her to come home with you anyway.



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