Take a Chill Pill

Breathe deeply. It’s not the end of the world, so when you’re speaking to her, why are you acting as if it is? If you’re fun to be with, there’s no pressure, you’re giving her, without coming off as arrogant, an opportunity to come along for the ride. Talk to her the way you spoke with the girl in your college Pysch class who you weren’t attracted to- you just wanted to see her notes for the day you missed. That girl thought Brad Pitt was hot just like every other girl on campus did, but you didn’t view her as a sexual being, so nothing was at stake. Approach all women in that manner, what novelists refer to as “matter-of-fact”, as though you’re just being friendly. Kind of like the way women speak with us (ever notice how much more often women who don’t like you “that way” smile when speaking to you- where if you smiled that much when talking to a woman you would consider yourself flirtatious- which is why I don’t consider smiling an Indicator of Interest- what some PUA’s term an IOI).

Women are not repulsed by the thought of sex- it’s how we all arrived here (and what brought you to this blog, buddy). Dogs and girls can smell fear. Man up, but behave as if nothing’s on the line. If you have sisters, josh with strange women the way you do with them. If not, adopt the “Psych class nottie” method. Above all, never let them see you sweat.

I’m not an advocate of consciously using what Mystery calls “negs”, though I give Mystery mad props. If you’re new or uncomfortable to the game, it’s tough to think of negs to toss in the heat of the moment- and trying to think brings pressure. It’s more about being somewhat playful, which is an opposite of tense. This isn’t a job interview, you’re selling the experience of being with you- which is different than hitting on someone. If anything, flip the script and tease her about macking you. It’s fun. It’s acting. Try it tonight- you’ll be glad you did.



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