The Real World

Believe me, depending on the day and the circumstances, women are far more willing than we are led to think. There have been instances where I kissed women I had just met, and of course cases that led right to the bedroom. I mean without asking for a date. There was the time I just walked up to a gorgeous girl we’ll call “M” in a public library and kissed her on the cheek, asking for the name later. Slap free. Ended up with the number. Some of the prettiest almond-shaped eyes you’ll ever see. The key was doing it as if it was natural.

Once, when I was about 27, I had just moved into a basement apartment. I was doing laundry in that neighborhood for the first time- knew no one. Being a little sleepy, I wore shades to go collect my clothes from the laundromat when I thought they were dry. Had on sweats, everything else being in the wash. While walking home with a trash bag full of clothes in my arms, I came face-to-face with a nice looking girl. Call her “S”.

“You wanna kiss?” I asked her, as if it were the most normal question in the world. She was with it, but to reassure her, I noted, “My eyes are pretty under here”, referring to my shades.

“I know, I can see them.” S. said, and we were off to my new digs. We did a lot more than kiss, too. We christened the crib, in a manner of speaking. Timing is everything.

I’ve pulled off similar situations in every type of place one can think of- K., the co-worker at a fried chicken franchise whom I kissed near the storage room out of the blue when I was about 24 (“What was that for?” she smiled), D., the girl from Arizona I saw talking on a pay phone and waited to meet her- we ended up riding the subway together, making out like the world was on the brink of nuclear holocaust, and getting off at the last stop- where I got her to pull down her pants so I could lay atop her butt and grind to climax right there on the subway platform (glad no train operator happened upon us).

In my early 30’s I ran my game on this cute, phat bus driver we’ll call “N”, who drove the route I took to work weekend nights, and one night (maybe the third time I’d seen her) I rode with her to the end of the line on her final run of the shift, and we made out there. Girlfriend had a can so firm you could bounce a quarter off it. She being off, we got into her little car, and she drove me home, where we swapped more spit. It can be done, just approach each opportune moment with ease and expectation. Take it from someone who had no game up until age 23. Some times game is not even an issue, and thos times are defined by her mood. Case it point- when I was about 29, I’m standing in a downtown shoe store kicking it (no pun intended) with the guys who work there, as I did almost every night, because I worked retail a few blocks away- but got off earlier than they. This wicked cute girl about 23, let’s call her “R”, was inside the store, everyone was just making small talk- they knew her, I didn’t. I was ready to bail. R. steps to me, and under her breath, says she wants to ask me something, can we talk outside. ???

We hit the busy streets, and she asks if she can come home with me. Seems she lives with a Marine, but he’s demanding, and she doesn’t feel like putting up with him tonight. Though I prided myself on my game, this had never happened to me, and this girl was way fine- so I asked why me, and why the trust?

“I was watching you in the store, you seem pretty safe.” I didn’t look up to heaven, guys. Not yet. But who am I to argue with logic when it comes so voluptuously gift-wrapped? We ride the bus I take home every night, and I sex her. Thing was, when R. got out of her tight jeans, she had a body like an NFL cheerleader, smooth skin to die for, maybe a little shy of 5-foot-4 in her little ankle sweatsocks. I mean, I knew she was built, but this was ridiculous. Everything was, shall we say, in the right place. I thought of all the guys in the world who would have died to be in my shoes, and her socks. There wasn’t a whole lot of chatter either, she just needed to be with someone different. Not date, not exchange digits. Now imagine if, not knowing that, I had stepped to her instead. But I didn’t, and men should.

I’m not an automaton guys- even I have to remind myself every time I spot a hot babe, how easy things can be if she’s game. Just do it. The payoffs can be tremendous, and foster future confidence.



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