Who Deserves Beautiful Women?

 A thing of beauty is a joy forever– Keats

Guys, beautiful women are not mannequins or cyberchicks, they’re real people with emotional buttons just like anyone else. I just used the quote above to define what your outlook on life should be. But we’re talking flesh and blood, albeit wonderfully arranged. Granted, some of their outer shell has been desensitized because they’ve been bombarded with meaningless compliments by losers. By meaningless I mean (and we’ll delve more into this later), one should compliment women on something they had some sayso in, such as the selection of a bracelet, or coordinated shoe/skirt/purse combination, not something hereditary, like their eyes. Anyhoo, fine babes have needs, wants, desires, good days, bad days, and insecurties (almost everyone, for example, has a physical feature they’re uncomfortable about). Who deserves their company?

Good looking men, you say? Not so much, eugenics played out with Hitler, this is about hooking up. Rich guys? Er, no- if someone only digs you for your wallet, your personality isn’t what attracted them. Besides, you’ll find many financially independent men possess traits that ensure success both in the board room and the bedroom- or they wouldn’t have become wealthy. After all, how you do anything is how you do everything. How about the powerful, should hot babes be their exclusive domain? See “Rich guys” above. Who does that leave, Sherlock?


You are as worthy of a good time as anyone. Even if you’re in undergrad, a campus shooter could end your ride tomorrow, longevity is promised no one. If you love beauty (and I do, sumptuous meals, breathtaking sunrises, memorable art), you have to make a decision about  how you are going to live your life. Are you gonna watch it rush by, or partake? If you are going to take the proverbial bull by the horns in any area of life, you have to have the cojones to do it in another. Comfort zones aren’t where it’s happening. Neither are chat rooms. Enough with the metaphors- women respect confidence. Part of the aphrodisiac aspect of power is that the men behind it had to have “stones” to acquire and maintain it. This truth predates Wall Street, and can be traced to the Alpha Male being the best protector and provider in the wild. But not every pretty girl you see hangs out with Fortune 500 CEO’s. That puts you in the driver’s seat- but you gotta take the wheel (did I say no more metaphors).

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Don’t be most men.

Encounters with beautiful women relieve stress, instill confidence, and stave off desperation (the latter of which can lead to some regrettable hookups). They bring joy, if that’s what you’re about. Life has enough gloom, hook up with some hotties.



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