How to Win Friends And Influence People

Except for the occasional jerk, or wounded soul, people are basically the same. You may have gathered by now that to attract hot girls, you’ll have to cultivate a winning personality that appeals to all types. You have to be someone pretty much everyone wants to be around, guys and women. If you’re already that way, you’ve won 85% of the battle.

You know how George Clooney portrays a guy in some movies ( “Michael Clayton” being the exception) that women want to be with, and men want to be around? (some would even say “…that every man wants to be…”). A guy can be a charmer to women, yet men still admire him because he doesn’t diss them or “big time” anyone. Back in the day, guys like Sinatra and Jack Kennedy pulled this off. Let’s bring this back to you. Be charismatic, the hail-fellow-well-met sort. In certain scenarios, you’ll want the girls and the guys in your corner. You want people to put in a good word for you. No one player-hates a popular dude. If you’re a sociopath, or at least a creep, sexy girls will see that a mile away, because they meet more creeps than anyone does. If you eat or drink on the same places frequently, tip more than the minimum- no matter your budget. If you can’t afford to tip at least 25%, you don’t need to be eating and drinking out but so much any way. Bar staff, waiters, and waitresses smile when they see and greet favored customers, and that gives you social capital with hot chicks.

Look playboy, if you frequent PullJoy, the pickup science I’m gonna drop on you works so well, you’re gonna stay happy anyway.

When you display a gracious manner towards all, people react to you differently, they’re receptive. This helps you become accustomed to being treated well, and less cynical or intimidated regarding pretty women. It raises your expectations. It also engenders a sincere attitude such that, when in a potential pickup circumstance, you don’t have to “turn on” the charm.

Be a winner. Everyone wants to travel in the winners’ circle, and hotties are no exception.



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