Use Your Mind to Sell Your Body

No, not this way:

I mean use your game to book fine women. You see, macking is a lot like sales- one must qualify the prospect, engage them, overcome any objections, and ask for the order. In the PUA community, an objection is, “I have a boyfriend,”.

Play that one off with, “Whoa, we just met, and you’re already telling me your problems.” Once you learn to playfully toss aside objections (which often are really qualifiers masked as truths), you can return the focus to defining her needs (qualification). Guys- there’s no need to buy it, get it online, or date Rosy Palmer. There are beautiful women in America who spend weekend nights alone, and not always by choice. You even know some. Develop the attitude of top salespeople, and you’ll learn who’s really in the market.

Never ask open-ended questions. “Can I have your number?” is lame- so is “Wanna check out a movie some time?”. Great salespeople don’t ask things that may be answered in the negative. Better- “Give me your number so we can pick up on this another time…”, or “I have to run, but let’s check stay in touch…”. Another great salesroom technique is what the big boys call “closing on a minor point”, as when a car dealer asks, “Do you want that in blue or beige?”.

Don’t linger where there’s no interest. Don’t stare at her “snacks”. Don’t give your number unless she gives hers (“I’ll take yours” is often a putoff). Size up the actual interest level, sell her the idea that a time with you, however brief, would enrich her life, and see where she stands. If she’s laughing at your quips and teases, initiate touching by happening to briefly tap her forearm or shoulder when making a point. Smile too, it goes with the territory and ensures you don’t have a creepy look. And just when it’s going well, have some place to go, “…my friends…” in the club you have to “…get back to…”. The kinda stuff they tell us. If you approach enough prospects, set your standards high, and maintain a cavalier attitude, you’ll surprise yourself.



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