Confidence Man

To achieve anything much in this life, you’re gonna have to adopt, if you are naturally inclined, an air of assuredness. This will serve you not only in picking up beautiful women, but it’s a healthier, happier posture with which to face the world. Don’t view encounters with pretty girls as separate from your overall experience, include it. Remember, most of the people you see each day have no history with you. If you’re shy or unsure, they don’t know it. This allows for a degree of re-invention, if necessary. Women prefer spending time with men who are certain of themselves and their aspirations. They expect you to be a man, not a shrinking violet. Confidence is not about your car, your paycheck, or your place. You can’t take these with you into a bookstore, a nightclub, or a grocery store. No one can see them then. It starts within. If a woman accuses you of being cocky, adopt the stance of “Buddy Love” in the original “The Nutty Professor”, lean your cheek over for them to kiss, and say, “Have a little cocky- it’s good for ya,”.

We’re not limited by our looks- women are judged more for their appearance than we. Besides, there are features that are considered “rugged” on a man, that you may consider unattractive. I have seen some scuzzy dudes pull some hot babes, because they stepped to them. That said, for lifestyle reasons, take the best care of yourself that you can. 25 minutes with some dumbbells and a chinup bar, even in a tiny apartment, could do anyone a world of good. To be honest, it doesn’t hurt your attitude and sense of self. It still starts on the inside, though (how many gorgeous women have eating disorders such as anorexia or bulemia).

Expect success. Include women in that big picture, and welcome the ones you desire along for the ride. Your past is not at issue, but your future is.



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