Everything You Know About Babes is Wrong

Time for some de-programming, PullJoy style. A lot of what passes for knowledge about interacting with attractive American women, or women living here, is garbage. Almost everyhing the average guy instinctively does is equivalent to telling a babe “I’m a loser”. You shouldn’t break the ice with a compliment, let her curiousity build as to whether you like her that way, and if not, why not. This puts the ball in her court- now she has to gain your approval. If you must use flattery, point out something she had a hand in, like a tastefull accessory (ear rings, bracelet) or the type of music she says she enjoys. It’s all about being different, when it comes to getting panties.

Don’t offer to buy girls drinks. You’re not buying love, nor do you have to. Loosen them up with lighthearted conversation, leave the liquor to them. Another common mistake, inviting a babe you just met to the movies. Horrible date- can’t talk there, can’t make eye contact. Restaurants are out for the same reason as drinks- you’re not paying to play. Ask to meet her some place fun- a place with quirky outfits, eclectic music, or odd toys that can serve as props to stimulate humorous conversation, can be tried on, played with, or listened to, and promote movement through a space. When the gig is up there, you can gauge the possibilities of escalating to your spot or hers, bounce to another nearby store, or go for a walk that builds attraction. Avoid times when dinner is an obvious option- midday on weekends, or late starts are preferrrable.

Too many questions about work aren’t cool- some girls find their jobs boring, and are merely biding their time, others are entry level. Get into her head with some things that transcend employment- her outlook, her observations, her readings, her hobbies, past travel. If past relationships come up, change the subject, you don’t wanna become that buddy whose shoulder she can cry on, and there’s no win in it. If she still digs the other guy(s), you won’t wanna hear it, and if the breakup was bad, there’s nothing you can add or analyze about a cat you never met. Shift gears.

When she’s feeling comfy and opening up, if sex is not on the menu, you’ve gotta bounce. Long, platonic outings are for her girlfriends. If you’re genuinely interesing, she’ll expect you to be pretty busy. Try to steer the proceedings somewhere you can test the waters for some liplocking. Parks are good, the kind with little places you can be discreet for a few. If you’ve read what I’ve written in previous posts about initiating opportunities to touch, you’ll know whether she’s with it or not. If you see the “all clear”, don’t ram your tongue down her throat. Begin gently with her bottom lip alone, and show her your skills around the corners of her mouth. Slow works. Would you rather have someone tickle your ear with a feather, or jam a pencil into it? Gingerly touch her cheek with a couple fingers while you swap spit- this attention to detail serves as a “trailer” that you know how to handle your business in the sack. And stop before she does (apply that principle to everything, from phone calls to outings- be the one that has to move on).

That’s a lot for today- in future posts I’ll address other false notions concerning babes, approaches, and “dating”.



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