Best Pickup Lines- If You Go There

If you insist on employing “lines” on a honey, just want some playful bar material with nothing at stake, or wanna field test some openers in laid back settings, here are some things you can spit that take me back to the days when I thought one had to have an arsenal of lines to score:

“If looks was money, you’d never have to work”

“You look nice to kiss”

“If The Lord made anything finer than you, he must have kept it to himself”

“Are there any more like you?”

“When they were givin’ out looks, you just got greedy!”

“Come get with a real one”

“Where are your wings?”

“Can you spare a kiss?”

“All we need is a preacher”

“The flowers are jealous”

“Don’t stand to close to the alarm, ’cause you’re smokin'”

“If looking good were a crime they’d have to give you life

“I think you’re the one

“Anything you don’t have you’ll never want

“I wish Santa Claus would put you under my tree”

“You restore my faith in the afterlife”

“Are you spoken for?”

Ask the babe, “How are you?” She’ll probably say “Fine”…to which you reply emphatically “You are fine‘”,

“If looks could kill I’d be dead”

“You can’t leave


“I need some mistletoe”

“If they had a beauty contest in here you’d get my vote”

“Must be recess in heaven if you’re down here” or “I didn’t know they had recess in heaven

“Your eyes are like jewels”

Of course, most women consider openers like these cheesy and superficial, and feel they don’t lead anywhere or speak to their personality. There is, however, a place for some of them, if you’ve already struck up a convo and wish to lighten the mood, or if you already know the babe digs you. If uttered just right, the best lines are pimpin’ enough to grab a girl’s attention. Other than that, only use them when you’re just out having fun and don’t care whether the young lady in question gives you her digits or not. Maintain a sincere tone as if you’re stating the most serious point in the world, and keep your comments only within her earshot. Some will provoke a friendly laugh. Others got me the number. I forgot most of my stuff ’cause I don’t use lines any more, except in fun. It’s creating social capital during a short interaction that attracts beautiful women. But guys always ask about lines. Sprinkle your speech with affectionate terms such as “dollbaby”, “kitten”, “missy”, and “sugarpants”. Don’t let a syllable leave your mouth that’s not gonna stick to their brain. If you wanna see some real killer material, read the books by or about pimps in the “Required Reading List” section of PullJoy. Even then though, it’s all about tone.

Remember- the definition of sexual harassment is unrequited attention- if a babe likes you, almost anything goes.



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