Step Up Your Game

Who’s got game? I do. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and without boasting, I’m in the bathtub club (for the non-initiated, that means I’m seeing a lot of ass but I ain’t taking no s—). Some may wonder if this blog is leading to, or already connected with personal consultation, workshops, a boot camp, or even a book or DVD? The short answer is yes. An e-book will be available during spring, in pdf format. But my readers are like pretty girls, first I wanna show ’em I got the goods before I lay the heavy stuff on ’em. If I gave you h-bombs before you knew how to shoot water pistols, you’d blow yourself up.

Everyone can learn from PullJoy. I used to wonder who to hand my business cards too- what age group, demographic, or relationship status could benefit the most. But for real, for real, we could all afford to step up our games, and the principles laid down here transcend copping drawers. Call ’em life lessons. Is it all a game? Remember the scene in “A Beautiful Mind” where John Nash used Game Theory to decide how to approach three young women seated together? He had broken down the expected reactions like chess moves. Life is a game. Employees have needs, and employers have demands. Parents and children. Male and female. We even choose our friends based on common interests.

Women can learn here too, about how guys (don’t always) think, about the subconscious and the involuntary, about “tells”, vocal tone, posture, attitude, expectations levels, the history of the sexes, language, pop culture, kissing, lovemaking technique, and attraction. They can also steer their boyfriends, husbands, brothers, or lovers here, because there will be advice on grooming, personal hygiene, attire, interior decorating, conditioned response, arousal, and all manner of goodies. See, the guys who schooled me were stone ladykillers. Lo mejor.

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