Tightening It Up

One reason I started PullJoy is that I used to be (a lot of) you. Game-challenged and gun shy. Had no clue into the female mindset, and was dateless through high school and what little college I attended. But life is short, it’s no dress rehearsal- so something had to give. You see, I love beauty. I am what is termed an aesthete. If not surrounded by sunshine, or sweet music, or lovely ladies, I get a little vaklempt. To facilitate this environment, I had to get help. I ha to tighten up my nonexistent game. I wasn’t a 40 year-old virgin, but I was 23.

Fortunately, I’m blessed to have a way with words. I was not, however, born assertive. I had to create guts. I hung with guys who exuded confidence, and while I couldn’t hear what they were saying to babe (which I had, since middle school, assumed was the secret), I could see their body language and attitude. And they were not only getting digits, they had company when they wanted it. They could approach anywhere (and any one).

They helped me get over one of my greatest fears- rejection. Eventually I learned there’s no such thing as rejection- you already don’t have the girl’s number, she can’t not give to you, but she can give it to you. The end result from stepping to her can only result in a positive, as the lack of her digits already exists.

That’s true of many things in life. And your ‘tude about this will define how you face challenges in general. I want to share what I learned with the men of the world, because good mental and physical health can be served. Mass murderers and serial killers tend to be loners and recluses. Too much time alone with the Internet, and books about terrorism and the Third Reich. Testosterone needs a break. If I can help you get off the bench and into the game, you’re a fully social being.

Not many years after I tightened up my day game, I had a couple women tell me they had seen me engaging in fruitful birddogging downtown when I couldn’t see them. Both said I looked (my ‘tude and body language) as if I thought I owned the women. Rather than take that as an insult (read, “you’re a mysoginist”), that was a compliment, given how uncomfortable I’d been before. I found it interesting that it actually showed.

Let’s get you in the game. Let’s make you a player.



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