Ladies Love Cool Men

In order to score, you’ve got to maintain your calm in all situations. Some beautiful women are high maintenance, even for a booty call or a fling- and they need to see how icy you are before they decide whether they’re gonna let you play “hide the salami”. They want to see if you’re man enough. See, fine women feel if you can handle them, you’re not worth their time. So behave as if you do this all the time, you’re just giving them the opportunity. Don’t say it, exude it with body language and nonchalance. Let ’em feel how you’re nonplussed, how beauty is your thing. If you enjoy life and its pleasures (and converse about vacations, great meals, volunteering and the smiles it brought to little or elderly faces- if you have done so), it’ll come across. She’ll sense the good time that can be had with you, so will everyone in the joint.

Spilled drinks, wack deejays, rude interruptions, wasted dudes, let it roll off you like water off the proverbial duck’s back. Music too loud to chat- keep the convo short and ask for a way to get in touch later- but first create an interest. If you live a full life, it really helps, because you have experiences to share and will never be at a loss for words. But listen too, see what makes her tick. When she shares her dreams and loves, you should be able to appreciate them and understand her better, and acknowledge their worth. When you’re out and about, whether it’s in a mall, a bank, a restaurant, or your college cafeteria, listen to women talk among themselves in small groups, and how they affirm each other’s statements. Eventually you’ll develop a knack for it.

Don’t act purposely boorish or rude on the whole “chicks dig bad boys” theory. I’m not saying they don’t prefer daring, adventurous men, it does speak to testosterone, and their primeval fondness for protectors. But what you should be is a man, despite your state in life or your age, happy with his life. You didn’t step to her because you’re needy, you were merely being friendly (use the same amount of eye contact, same body language, talk as much to her girlfriends as you do her- remember you’re not hitting on someone). Brush off queries about your relationship status as interest on the part pf the person asking.

“Trying to pick me up, eh?”

Spend very little time discussing your career or theirs, this will separate you from the pack. You want to hear about the girl behind the major or the profession, the inner spirit. It is when you have connected there, you can casually touch a forearm or pat a shoulder in the course of conversation, and establish a tie. The less you remind her of most men, the better off you’ll be. When the affirmations are coming in both directions and she’s conversationally opening up more, ask for the digits, and bounce. Cop and blow- that’w how we roll at PullJoy. Too much of that kind of chatter in one session and you become indistinguishable from girlfriends’ ears.



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