Play for Pay

No matter your tastes and fantasies, when I’m finished tutoring you here, you won’t need to pay for it. Some of you will say, “Well, either way, you gotta pay for it.” Not so much. The smoothest of the smooth minimize their participation in traditional dating. Of course, many, if not most men, exchanging cash for ass are married, or in long term relationships (but go outside for varying reasons). Note that Bill Clinton, at least on the record, was able to cheat without using money the state paid him, where Eliot Spitzer was not.

Senator David Vitter also went the call girl route. Closet gays such as Rev. Ted Haggard also chose the erotic services ads to meet needs their wives could not (rather than say, just cheat with a boyfriend). To each his own. Most of it was consensual, and of legal age.

One thing about women like Ashley Alexandra Dupre, they learn a lot about men. They learn why marriages weaken and fail, what men’s real desires are, an how some of the powerful have a need to be punked in the bedroom. Vitter, for example, favored diapers, and earned a nickname from the working girls that rhymes with “Vitter”. But who can men learn about women from? That’s where PullJoy comes into the picture.

Stay tuned boys.



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