What’s Your Sign?

To become a successful pickup artist, you’re gonna have to learn who are the most likely women to be receptive when stepped to. Besides body language and an overall comfort zone, there are conversational cues as to who might be game if you have game. About 13 years ago I was hanging out with some guys and girls I had just met through a cousin of one of the guys. The cousin had a girlfriend (these people were all sharing a beach house), but she had brought a friend down for the weekend. Several of us, two of us unattached guys, went to hear some comedy that night. When we got back we’re all at the house talking, the guy I knew best’s girlfriend was a restaurant cook. She starts making some breakfast-type food, and some others lend her a hand. It’s not super late.

As the conversation progresses from things the standup comic talked about, someone asks where was the most unusual place people had gotten busy. The young woman who accompanied her girlfriend there for the weekend says

“I did it with a guy behind the bushes in the city once,” People laughed and asked for a little detail, and in no time we were talking about someone else, I was somewhat peripheral to the conversations. I remembered what she said though, and it provided some insight into her impulsiveness. Although another guy had been chatting her up friendly-like, I thought, “I can get this babe to walk down to the beach and peep the stars.”

When there was a lull, I started talking to her about broad, pleasurable subjects like getaway weekends and the starry beach. Didn’t ask about what she did and all that. I worked up to the “walk to the beach” question, and ole girl was with it. The falling stars were cool, but I was setting a mood with a woman I knew could be motivated to impromptu necking if she dug a guy. So we did. We slept together in her bedroom after everyone had crashed (we had walked and talked under that sky for a while- I was doling out my mack slowly so she wouldn’t be confronted by the possible guilt of the other girls’ seeing us when we got back). All because I listened for my sign, my green light.

Listen up boys, ’cause women love to talk.



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