March Madness- Hottie Style

Green beer. “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tee shirts. Babes asking for help filling out NCAA brackets. Basketball crowds in bars. Spring breaks. What do I have to do at PullJoy, sex the women for you? They’re practically falling into your lap. Spring is near. What, you say there’s a caveat? All of ’em are in groups, and you don’t know how to deal with groups (that’s talking, for you gutter-minded).

True, millions of American women will hit the clubs, and craw the bars in numbers. That needn’t deter a player. Sidle up to a group of hot babes in green tee shirts, beads, and jeans, and befriend them all. Often there are two in a bunch that size that are doable. Tease and bond until you see which one is feeling you. Make banter about not letting her see your “pot of gold” unless she’s a good girl, or “I’m not the Blarney Stone, you gotta earn a kiss from me.” If they all like you, they’re not gonna block their girlfriend from giving up her digits, or even breaking away for a snuggle. You see, girls don’t hang with friends that do that, if anything, they run interference and act as wing women for one another. In that sense, they’re less doggy than guys.

Take my advice, be loose, hit more than one spot, and get your shillelagh wet tonight. It’s party time.



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