Sealing the Deal

Just as in sales, there comes a point in an encounter with a hot babe that you wanna ask for the order. If everything’s been going well, and you’ve touched that forearm or shoulder (or she yours), you wanna remove yourself from “buddy” contention. ‘Cause let’s face it, today, or ever, she’s either gonna sex you or not. Might as well find out up front- PullJoy‘s not about how to get a date, it’s about copping drawers.

Panty raid!!

Ahem. Closing the deal is the easiest part of the seduction game, because it’s short, sweet, and masculinely direct. Here are some ways to go about it.

When you’re in kinda close, or sitting close on a bench or in a booth, say, “I just want to to kiss you.” Because if it’s on her mind, you don’t need to ask it as a question, but you want to give fair warning. If she isn’t game, this tells you right off, and time is saved.

Hit her w/, “It’s getting kinda late, let’s go to my place and… (listen to some tunes, grab a bite, watch a flick, have some wine)” Again, a good digmeter that gets right to the point. If she’s not really feeling you (or uncomfortable), now you know, and if she’d rather hit her spot, she’ll say so. Be sure to broach these things out of earshot of her friends, if she came with any. She can go tell them she’s cutting out- she’s a big girl (with adult needs).

“Let’s go for a drive” also works, as does a walk. Walking provides a romantci opportunity to make your kiss statement after a nice bonding conversation about nature, music, or someone in need whom you helped. Make the kiss statement in a whimsical, dreamy manner, almost like a sigh (not horny like, rather pensive).

Whatever you do, don’t overdo the bonding convo, and size up the situation after the laughing and light touching has ensued. When her lips are sealed with yours, you’ve closed.



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