Women Think About Sex Too

Duh. Women are not, in general, wired like men, but at places such as male erotic dance clubs, bridesmaid parties, girlfriend getaways, and the Internet, where it is more acceptable and the company less mixed, they express their sexuality and sexual thoughts. In some circumstances they feel free to do so, e.g.:


Women are not turned on by the thought of sex with a stranger as we are, there has to be some comfort, social capital, or excitement involved. In studies on college campuses, male students needed to know nothing about an attractive young woman posing as a student, to agree to sleep with her- not so women with males acting as propositioning students. College babes also were not sexually aroused when a nude male streaked across their campus, but men were in a survey where a girl was au naturelle. For these reasons, PullJoy emphsizes that while grooming is important, you need to work on your game. Men fall in love via visual stimulation, women with what they hear. If you want to make a girl feel sexually free and open with you, you need to be sexy- which means confident, fun, charismatic, and to the point. Society has never allowed women to be as up front with these interests and desires as men, because of the playboy/slut double standard (not to mention the risk of pregnancy- not nearly the factor it once was), but sex is vital to women, it’s healthy, they think about it, and it’s how we all arrived on this planet. 90% of college campus sex columnists are women:


 It’s your job to draw her out.



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