Dress For Success

Any ladykiller knows clothes count. I’m not trying to change you, as fashion is very personal, and not every style suits an individual. I do want you, if you don’t already, to pay more attention to the epitome of your look. Whether biker, exec, rocker, frat boy, metrosexual, or grundge fits your age and body best, find the bes threads available for the look that works for you. On the other hand, if it is a conversion you seek, consult mags like GQ and Details, where wardrobe re- type is often discussed. A good salesperson at a men’s clothing store can also help you here- and if possible, leave yourselves in the hands of a lady salesperson. Women generally have a more liberal eye for color than do men, and as our opposites, can see things in your clothing potential that you can’t. She’ll be a little more outside the box. Don’t flirt with her, you’re their to acquire the tools of the trade.

I can’t stress enough that babes look at kicks first. Whatever you wear, wear ’em new. Stay edgy (office attire is good for just that, the office). Make sure your posture is athletic, nothing says “no sexual vigor” like a slouching sitter. Maintain clean teeth and healthy breath, especially in nightspots. First impressions being what they are. the better you dress, the more women you’ll undress. Go get ’em, tiger.



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