Kissing is for Closers

You’re gonna get more than your share of sugar if you follow the advice laid out in PullJoy. I guarantee it. You’ll be loving life in liplock. Therefore, you need to able to deliver the goods. None of this, what I have heard girls and women complain about guys doing since I was 17, “…shoving his tongue down my throat…”. Don’t push, share. Intermingle. Entwine. Dart. Your game is tight, so you need to be a smooth smoocher. Learn how to kiss parts of one of her lips at a time, such as a corner, or the bottom lip center. Variety is the spice of life, fellas. Touch her cheek gently while you neck. Be a little playful, like the Eskimos.

Take your time, it’s not a race. All these things tell her you’re a creative lover, not a human drain snake. If you peep our Required Reading List you’ll see The Kama Sutra is there. Commit that sucker to memory.

There are also some helpful hints here:>1=26000

Now you’re ready to suck face, the PullJoy way. This will get you not only to her door, she’ll pull your hand to go inside.



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