Something She’ll Never Forget

In the old Intruders song, “A Love We Can Feel”, the boys from Philly sing, “Romeo told Juliet, something she would never forget” (“…to prove he loved her…”, the lyric continues). If you’re reading the books on our PullJoy Required Reading List, you’ll note that in “Gentleman of Leisure”, “Dandy” says to talk to a woman you’ve got to say something that will stick to her brain. Ever read “Manchild in the Promised Land”? It’s on our list too, and there’s a section about a girl Claude Brown met when he was at Washington Irving night school. He met her once, using a killer tone and straight-faced delivery for a phyiscal compliment after telling her to “…hold it right there…”. From then on, he writes, “Every time I’d see her, I’d talk to her and say something that she wouldn’t forget.”

Don’t just talk to women to be talking to them. Stop flapping your gums. When you step to a girl you see all the time, say in a beauty salon or bar near your place, be memorable. Don’t hang around and fawn over girlfriend, rather say something creative about you and her, and bail. It needn’t directly mention sex, but it should be sexy. If you’re clueless as to what that is, it can be about great times, dreams, how short life is, relaxation, or it can involve wordplay. Watch Jerry Lewis in “The Nutty Professor”, Cary Grant in “To Catch a Thief”, or dig into out Required Reading List. When you stick and move, short and memorable, you create a blend of interest and mystery that sparks a desire to know more. The day you want to close, she’s all set up because you’ve created a sexy mood.

Remember, words to women are likes good looks are to men- unforgettable. Why do you think romance novels and greeting cards do so well? So disinguish yourself. Develop a way with words, and you’ll have your way with fine women.



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