Talk To All Fine Women

Holler at all the bad honeys. I mean, not literally everyone you encounter in the street, but when the mood and inclination strike you, introduce yourself to hot babes, whether you want to pursue the digits or not. To shed yourself of any anxiety about stepping to hotties, you’ve got to do what all the greats did- speak to them and joke with them with nothing on the line. Don’t always have panties as the all-or-nothing outcome, and it’ll relieve 85% of the pressure.  It helps remove the mystery or aura surrounding highly desired women, it shows you how friendly some or most can be, and it bolsters your confidence when you do want drawers. I would go far as to say don’t decide whether you’re gonna try to close or not until the conversation escalates. You’re actually meeting nice looking women so you can learn more about them, you, your tendencies, their responses, how individual they are, their humanity, and how stress-free it can be. It’s not like they’re in a union, or part of some national conspiracy, they’re who they are. There’s only one way to find out.

 Try this. You spot a dimepiece. Just say “Hi”. When she responds, ask her one question, not about school, career, whether she comes here often, something interesing about the deejay, the band, ask about a campus event, or an observation concerning the people in your midst. After that statement or question, as if it just occurred to you, say, “I think your cute,”. Very non-threatening, out-of-the-blue, and no body parts mentioned. Ah, you say to yourself, but ST, PullJoy says over and over it’s a waste of time to compliment a woman physically, because it doesn’t set you apart from every other dude, she didn’t have anything to do with her looks, and it demostrates that your focus is physical. Right you are Grasshopper, but PullJoy also teaches you that words carry associative properties, either excitative or inhibitive. Dr. Andrew Salter wrote all about it. Notice the word I/you used. “Cute”. To a guy, it’s a throwaway word, re- babes, because we hear them use it about cars, shoes, apartments, babies, purses, and football players. In a male world, it bears no profound or intimate meaning. From there, continue the conversation, sticking to things in your immediate environment if you come to a loss for words. You can do this sometimes without trying to get into her pants. I use the “cute” comment as a guidepost, if she responds one way, I ask if we can go for a walk or check out a nearby store, if another, I keep the convo friendly, and hey, I’ve chatted up another pretty girl- what’s the harm? Either way some beauty has been added to my day, and I’ve risked nothing.

Don’t use the “cute” guidepost every time and with every babe- it’s simply a highway sign. When you do use it, the determinant as to whether to try to mack her is the degree to which she smiles in response (and watch her body language afterwards, sometimes when women are not made up or dressed up, even a harmless statement will make them self-conscious about whether their hair is in place, or skirt is wrinkled- if they weren’t interested, what difference would it make). My point is to say something nice to all pretty girls, so that when you come across them, they cease to intimidate you, engender approach anxiety, or get placed on a mental pedestal. Don’t idolize them- if it helps you at all, remind yourself it’s just a second grade girl that grew up, and picture her younger and less “threatening”.

Meet some beautiful women. You’ll live a far happier life, you’ll have a much better feel for who’s eligible or not, and it doesn’t cost you anything.



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