Who is ST?

Visitors often come hear and wonder, “Who died and made him the authority on women?”. “Who the Sam Hill is ST?” Because of that I’m gonna bottom-line it for the curious and the appreciative (because I know you’re field testing my stuff, and popping beaucoup bra straps because of it):

I’m the ladies’ pet and the punks’ pinup boy… Women fight for my delight…I’m in the bathtub club, I’m seeing a lot of a– and I ain’t taking no s—. I wouldn’t give a crippled crab a clutch if I owned a lumberyard. I know Victoria’s Secret, and I know where the lights go when you turn ’em out. I tangled with alligators, wrestled with whales, handcuffed lightning, and threw thunder in jail. I’m not sayin’ I’m at the head of the class, but it don’t take long to call the roll. She said “ST, you’re cool.” I said, “I oughta be- I invented it,” I’m so bad I make medicine sick. I’ve been pleasin’ fine women since Hector was a pup. Who are you?



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