The Best Places to Meet Babes

Here at PullJoy, we consider any situation a pickup oppurtunity. You ever hear the best salespeople say how they’re always thinking of who in their circle might bear the next lead or prospect? Remember the movie “Wedding Crashers”? Those dudes were always looking to score. Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. When your confidence is sky high, sexual conquest is almost never out of the question. That said, here are some of the best traditional and non-traditional environments to meet your next body buddy:

Bookstores (which includes music stores and sections)

The laundromat

Class or study hall

A car wash


The beach


Airports and train stations

The library- public or collegiate

A softball, bowling, volleyball or kickball league

The mall

Adult ed courses

A lot of these places practically dictate your conversational openers. A cat can never club, and cop more drawers than somebody who spends a cover charge every weekend. So go do what you do. Of all the sets named above, I think my fastest closes were church honeys. And some of the phattest babes I ever saw when I lived in a very upscale neighborhood were the ones who gathered for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings once a week, most ordered to do so because of something on their driving record. Spot was a block from the crib, and crawling with fine.



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