Chick Magnets

Here are some things that could enhance your success with women, now that you’ve got some game:

Take care of your hands- I don’t care what you do for a living, keep your nails neat or trimmed in your off hours, keep your mitts clean, and don’t be afraid of a little lotion before you club. If you have to shake her or her girlfriends’ hands as a means of introduction, or touch her hand later in the evening, you’ll be good to go.

Attend a dance class or learn a new step- Babes love salsa classes, tango lessons and such. They like to dance when they’re out, it ranks up there with getting dolled up in their book. If you can master a romantic or tropical dance, she’ll find you fun and sexy. If there’s nothing being taught at your local community centers, adult ed programs, nightclubs or studios, there are free video lessons online of everything from disco to ballroom moves, if you type in the right keywords.

Lift weights- If you don’t already do this, it could do wonders for your self-esteem, how you look in threads, how you look in your birthday suit, and even your bedroom stamina. A set of dumbells or chinup bar will do, combined with pushups, every other day. For your legs, do squats and lunges with a heavyish dumbell in either hand. Or join a gym- talk about a place swarming with hotties.

Keep a nice musical stash- If you’re hosting hotties on the regular, they’re gonna peep your CD rack. Highly valued women appreciate taste- if you can stand it, stay eclectic, informed, and open-minded. Have enough mushy stuff on hand for deal closing.

Vacuum your ride- If you’re looking to get sucked, suck all those month old fries, pebbles, and shoe dirt out of that badboy. Wash your mats, and give your short a smell check. Be confident you could pull ay any time, and keep your wheels ready for action.

Study the fairer sex- How’re you gonna know what women think, and how products are marketed toward them, what relationship columnists tell them, if you never open a women’s magazine at a newstand, haven’t seen a chick flick in years, and won’t read at least one romance novel? Do your homework, whether you a guy who works nights and can watch “Tyra”, or a Netflix nut who can go through three movies in a weekend. All women are different, and you need to know how they differ from us.



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