Macking Women: A Numbers Game

To be a truly happy player, and never feel pressured when trying to attract and seduce women, you’re gonna have to cast your net more often. The more you approach, the more you meet. When I had my first basement apartment, I had about 160-some phone numbers, and like any bachelor worth his salt, went through my little book every Wednesday or Thursday night to see who was up for a weekend booty call. To fill that black book, I had to step to beaucoup babes. A disclaimer- I didn’t know one-twentieth of what I now know about hotties, but I stayed hooked up. That’s because I devoted hours a day, most days, to meeting women. I don’t just mean in clubs and bars either.

It helps that I worked nights a few of those years- so I could head downtown when babes were on their lunchbreaks, or leaving work. But even when I worked days in an electronics store, I rapped before work, on my break, and after I got off. I followed babes outside our store- got the digits too- many’s the time. Fine tourists even gave me their numbers and addresses when I was supposed to be on the sales floor- and these babes were with groups when they did this. It’s worth stating that I met far more women in the “street” than in clubs- to be honest, I had so many women I could call, I was very relaxed when I went clubbing. If I got shot down, I felt like, “Who is she?- so-and-so gave me the digits- and some lovin'”

My point is, armed with strategies far beyond my grasp back then, you can meet a lot of attractive babes, but you gotta step to a lot. I didn’t even know what I was doing, and I was getting numbers like there was no tomorrow. If you wanna get busy, you’d better get busy.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The more the macking, the less the mystery (to say nothing of the misery).



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