Seduction is Sales

Presentation and tone are everything when one is trying to pick up hot women. I’ve been exposed to a lot of strong salespeople in my life, and have had a lot of fine women expose themselves to me- physically and emotionally. Women generally get me, and a lot want to (and do, if the feeling is mutual) get with me. I started PullJoy as a means of giving back to the male community. After all, somone helped me (and I was lame with no parts of game). Just in the last few weeks I have heard some salespeople I know, without knowing what I was getting out of what they said, provide some good insight on convincing or influencing others. One is a guy who observes sales teams in action, and gets paid for critiquing them. Takes copious notes. He told one group they did a good job, but that the prospect was really engaged during the first few minutes of their presentation, lost interest and changed his body language for the middle 35-40 minutes, then became very attentive during the last five or seven minutes- when they got him to discuss his company needs. From that I learned that you can’t overkill explaining what you’ve got, get people to tell you what they want.

Another cat has sold everything from copying machines to homes. He said in interviews for sales gigs, toward the first part, he would ask the person hiring what strengths they were looking for in the position. Much later, toward the conclusion, he would revert to the skills they had described, and, naming each one, cite an instance he had demonstrated that in a previous job. Almost always got him the gig. That taught me you have to draw a woman out in terms of her desires or needs, then assure her you can fulfill them- the difference being most jobs are relatively long-term commitments- you want the drawers ASAP. Show her you’re as sexy and fun as the man of her dreams.

Third thing I heard was someone saying make time for yourself- you are your # 1 client. From that I got treat yourself well, in your shopping, your leisure, your recreation and a healthy lifestyle. Not just women, but everyone will pick up and that, and see you’re a man of standards and enjoyment. Your ‘tude toward women and being successful with them will flow from that.

If you’re not what people call a natural (someone that could sell ice to Eskimos), you’ll have to work on these things. They will come, we males have a little thing called testosterone on our side. We’re hunters from way back. Be sincere. Don’t make up anything, it throws your tone off (see first sentence of this post), and puts you in a position to have to cover up for it later. Your strengths are unique, and so is the time she could have with you, in this short burst we call life. So be yourself, just a little cockier- remember the movie “Hitch”? Stay loose, and go meet some new women.



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