Cool Pose: How to Be a Player

The key to my metamorphisis from geek to sleek was finding my inner mack. Now, when I leave my house every day, or that of my latest conquest, my assumption is nearly every woman out there, if given the opportunity, wants some of this. While it may not be mathematically realistic, it’s the attitude one must adopt. It’s more important than anything else you could learn from PullJoy. Your default state of mind must be “I’m gonna score.” Why run for president if you think you’re gonna lose? Tiger Woods has to believe he’ll beat the tournament field in every PGA event he enters. He doesn’t win ’em all, but why enter if you don’t think you’re gonna come out on top. A great jumpshooter thinks everything’s going in. Athletes visualize these outcomes ahead of time. I’m the same way about women, but it goes far beyond that. I treat everybody to the ST experience. It’s sincere.

You see guys, in this society in which we’ve wrongly objectified women, positioning them as the disinterested “prey”, and us the “pursuants” in the sexual game, women hold all the cards. Without their consent, we don’t get our bats polished, our lollipops licked. That’s affording women a little too much power- my worldview is that they are as sexual as I am, and I put myself in the position, since they have a choice, to choose me. Groupies, Chippendale’s and vibrator sales prove that women are sexual. How many male groupies gather outside the stage door waiting for J Lo or Beyonce to emerge? Who behaves more wildly around exotic dancers, girlfriends on a trip out of town or at a bachelorette party, or a bunch of male construction workers on a Friday night? The reason is, society teaches women to submerge, if not suppress, a great deal of their sexuality. Naturally, as customs and gender roles evolve, this is changing (thus the popularity of shorts that read “Pink”). Some us have yet to catch up.

Whether I’m dealing with a restaurant server, a cabbie, a flight attendant, or a guy at a shoe shine stand, I make light banter, remark about the beauty of life, and behave generously. I chat up waitresses when I’m being served, whether they’re sexually attractive to me or not. This way, I don’t have to turn on any buttons around beautiful women, or go into an act. If you can do this, you’ll awaken something within, something genuine. This is why I don’t spend much time teaching neurolinguistic patterns, negs, opening sets, or other things you hear in the PUA and seduction community lexicon. I teach you to sell you. Wherever I am, everything about me, which is very nonverbal, says “Winner”. That’s why I’ve got more panties than Victoria’s Secret. IOI, kino, and all that stuff is cool, but the light is inside you.

Turn it on, it turns her on.



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