PullJoy And The Rest of The PUA Community

I’m glad PUA is making mainstream news, such as when Mystery and Matador were featured on CNN as sort of a Valentine’s Day story:


 What’s good for one of us is good for all, and there and more than enough student to go around. The t.v. show “Keys to the VIP” is also a welcome development, and demonstrates that not only cable television, but more and more men, are concerned about their pickup game. This begs the question, how is PullJoy different than its peers?

The advice I offer, like everyone else’s is based on personal research born out of a need to sex more hot women. It’s scientific. I use less technical terms for my methods and patterns than some in the PUA community, not because I think they are illegitimate, but to free the more inhibited of you from having to try to recall, in mid-pickup, whether you’re doing them all or not. I want your game to be like an ideal golf swing, thoughtless and natural. It’s less important to me that you know what something is called than why it works (golf teaching pros, take heed).

I also come from a different experience than most of the respected seduction authorities. While I wasn’t born with super confidence, I was raised in communities where game was the rule, not the exception. It was I who stood out. It’s not that I was afraid of girls- on the contrary- I chased them around the classroom, asked them to walk into the park to kiss with the best of them. That was more exuberance, attraction and instinct than methodology, more “fight or flight” than smooth. Then five years of all-male private school drained me of my bravado. I’d been de-macked. I had to revive the guts I’d had as a little boy. No guts, no glory.

I’m also a better writer than almost anyone in the PUA community. I’m published, I’ve done a considerable amount of public speaking, and talk radio, so I communicate well, with women, and with my readers/listeners. Part of the pickup game is matching confident attitude with moving words, and words are my business. Advertising, marketing, screenplays, lyrics, poetry, campaign slogans- you name it, I’ve done it.

Unlike most PUA’s, I provide source material generously, from my Required Reading List, to the pop culture and film sprinkled throughout my posts. Tough to teach a class without a syllabus.

I acknowledge the peacocking, colorful language, and swagger that emanates from the pimp game, although PullJoy is not about managing call girls. No matter what the source, if it deals with human persuasion, I give nods where appropriate.

I try to use anecdotes to help you see why certain things are effective. I even include quotes from real-life circumstances. Of course, we’re all still learning. I want you to have the most fulfilling life you can, and I want to reach you, in my own unique manner, so you can reach pretty women in yours.

Welcome to PullJoy, where dreams become reality.



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