Get Involved, And Get Laid

Do you have access, or belong to a group that is invited to interesting events? Are you on the listserv, mailing list, do you review, or a member of an organization that affords you attendance to antiwar rallies, political gatherings or forums (Obama girls are hot), gallery openings, gaming events or conventions, trade shows, speeches, financial seminars, real estate workshops, film festivals, or concerts. Part of a college or professional association or club? Political staffer with free tix? Favored customer or patron? Meet a hot babe, ask her to your event, and use the opportunity to immediately bond- then bounce to the bedroom of choice.

Many of these affairs will be teeming with babes, so there may be an opportunity to demonstrate high social value because of your standing in a certain community. Of course, the other option, if you know there’ll be wall-to-wall women, is not to bring “sand to the beach”, and fly solo.

Either way you’ll never be at a loss for words because the event stimulates commentary, you’ll save the cost of an expensive meal and tip, and you’ll get a feel who attends these things. Removes all the pressure inherent in dating, and you were probably gonna go anyway.



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