The Most Powerful Sex Organ: The Brain

Once you learn that mental attitude governs your success with beautiful women, you’re 90% where you need to be- which is inside whoever’s panties you choose. We grossly underestimate the power of suggestion when it concerns attraction and seduction. Perception is reality, and most of our physical functions and reactions, whether awake or asleep, are involuntary, requiring no conscious thought. When one knows this, one can develop an alpha male aura that is a true chick magnet.

You see boys- heads or tails is not a multiple choice question. Get into her head, and get some tail.

How powerful is the subconscious mind? In hypnotism, subjects can be led to believe they cannot lift their arm from a chair, or that a temperate room is freezing. Placebos have as high as a 40% medicinal success rate in some studies. In the Ness and Patton study on the power of suggestion on physical performance, non-athlete college males lifted more weight than they thought or had been capable of in other weeks when under the impression less weight was on the bar than was actually the case- even though they only performed in the study once a week. In the dream state, we enter an entirely different world, and no one understands why. Thus most of our mental perceptions, and daily reactions are from submerged beliefs and conditions, like the structure of an iceberg. This is why beautiful women react to confident males regardless of things you may place importance upon- such as high income or great looks. We’re programmed to respond to certain stimuli, and the alpha male- even to fellow males, has been the man to be with since the dawn of our existence. His positive attitude, his fearlessness earned him the trust of his villagers and the attention of the most valued females. Fast forward to our times.

Once you’ve absorbed the tenets of PullJoy, devoured my Required Reading List, and mastered speaking tone and word choice, you’ll be unstoppable with pretty women, a veritable sex machine. And all this advice is free.

Forget penis enhancement- enhance your mind, learn human psychology, and improve your chances with hot women.



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