Get Game- Because Women Play Them

Did you realize that some of the women you already know would sex you, if only asked? I learned this stuff the hard way, you guys are coming by this information the easy way- thanks to PullJoy. Case in point- I used to work in a downtown jewelry store when I was about 26, and didn’t know how as much as about seducing women as I thought I did. Oh, I had plenty digits, but that’s because I went out every weekend, I was young and in shape, I was a nice guy to be around, and I approached a lot of babes- and not just in clubs. But I new diddly about attraction. Guys, not knowing ish about women and working in a jewelry store is like living across the Wayland Avenue from Wrigley Field and not knowing about baseball. In other words- a crying shame.

My radar about who dug me was blind as a bat. There was a fine babe who worked around the corner from my store, we’ll call her Tammi. She was as cute as a button, short, phat, with eyes like Bambi’s. I already knew her, but we’d never been out- every so often she’d come in the store and kind of look around, wasn’t a buyer. One morning I got to work early, as was my custom, and I could see her looking, on her way to work, into a side window of the store to see if I was in there setting up stock yet, as I did with the items we “hid” every night before closing. Not just a glance either, I mean girlfriend really checked. And it was clear she wasn’t trying to be seen by anyone in the store while doing so, by the window she chose. It was like being my own wingman. I laid back.

What did that teach me? I learned that Tammi was interested in me- she wasn’t coming in the store to speak and be nice (although that too), she knew I existed. Would even be interested in peeping me unbeknownst. A lot of dudes would have known why she was coming in the store- I had zero game. I never caught her in the act again, but about a year later, we found out we lived near each other. We went for a drive one night, up to a parking lot with a breathtaking view of our city, that was near our neighborhood. After we drove back, we sat and discussed t.v. trivia for a while, then I went in for the kiss. I knew this babe dug me, and though I was still intuition clueless, this was a sure thing based on accidental reconaissance. We played tonsil hockey for quite some time- she proved to be well worth her weight (and my wait) as a kisser. We were a matched pair in that regard, because every babe I’ve ever kissed has told me I’m the best kisser they’ve ever been with. Though we never ended up dating, that day outside the jewelry store told me that the way women act around you, which may be a little reserved, doesn’t always mean much. They may be waiting for you to make a move- you being the man, the traditional pursuer. From then on, I never took interest or visits, or intentional proximity for granted. I was a lot better off for it.

I met quite a few women in those days who were quite content to behave in one manner, or even seemed disinterested, at least in my naive opinion, until I tried something with them. I learned to take situations into my own hands (win or lose)- getting the babe to take a quiet walk with me, only to find out what the real deal was. Listen closely to the things they ask you about your family, or your living arrangements. All is not what it seems. They don’t call it game for nothing. If you snooze you lose (and some other bozo gets the drawers). Surely you can recall instances of babes who wouldn’t give you the time of day- so you felt they were standoffish- only to learn from another guy, or one of her girlfriends, that she was hot to trot. Or worse, you’ve spent an entire class or summer vacation or internship near someone and don’t find out until it’s over that she has feeling for you (often through a second source). Doesn’t make you rewind the entire experience, instant replay-style, in your head searching for missed cues and clues? Don’t beat yourself up over it- I’m here to help assure it doesn’t become a habit. A lot of what women do is rather subtle, to protect their public image and maintain a non-slutty rep. Young guys often aren’t hip to this, because we’re not coy.

This blog was created to help you meet new women, since the ones you already know have generally formed their sexual opinions (or the lack thereof) about you. But rest assured, you could, if you only knew, sex some of the girls you’ve already met. Use light touch to gauge interest. Suggest bouncing to a quieter (or private) spot. Unless you’ve already placed yourself in the friend/like a brother trap, women dont just like being around you for nothing.

Turn the page with women, there may be panties at the end of the chapter.



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