Grooming 101: Augment Your Mack

Although you needn’t be a matinee idol to book plenty of babes, there are some things you guys should watch out for. Though confidence is the key to male sexiness, a little cosmetic attention couldn’t hurt. You’ll never peep a slob in the PUA community. Our heights, body weights, and complexions are given, but we all take very good care of ourselves. What difference does it make it women place less value on looks than we? How far should one take the whole metrosexual thing if it’s completely out of character, or nature didn’t deal you a great hand? Well, we players primp because babes find it difficult to imagine you’ll be an attentive, generous lover if you don’t even take care of yourself. How can you offer a bedroom experience that will help her escape the routine, if she pictures your crib being as sloppy as you? Put differently, safe sex is easier to contemplate with a well-groomed dude. With that in mind:

Carry toothpicks in your jacket or work bag- Nothing discourages a kiss close like corn or roast beef between the teeth. Slip into a rest room mirror and check yourself.

Don’t touch your face with your hands– A lot of my readers are still at the age where acne factors. Some of you work outdoors, or with your hands, or play sports. Refrain from wiping your forehead, cheeks, or chin with dirty hands, it embeds dirt or crumbs, and can cause bumps. Wash your face in bathrooms, restrooms, and sinks, and without soap (which obviously dries skin).

Chill on the brewski– Beer does nothing for your breath, less for your gut, and isn’t gonna give you the courage to step to hot babes. If you must indugle don’t mix it with your macking, any more than you would with your driving. You need all your faculties in this game, and all your libido.

Work out– You’ll be a better lover, and a more appealing one, with some muscle tone. It’s a great way to instill some discipline into your life, help equalize your chances of scoring with those who are more physical, and can help with the confidence piece because when you look different on the outside you feel differently about yourself on the inside. Weights and the circuit, b-ball, recreation league sports, getting out of your car and walking, kickboxing- whatever your thing is, do it so she’ll wanna do you. A lifeguard bod and a strong rap is a daunting combination.

Smile when you rap– A friendly countenance and a relaxed look makes women feel more at ease, and you look better. If you’re chill, and keeping the conversation humorous and light, rather than dateless and desperate, you’ll be flashing those “32”‘s anyway. She has to think she’ll have a good time with you- the serious grill refutes that.

Use lotion– Whether it’s your hands, your mug, or your back, honeys prefer them smooth. If a great deal of your future is gonna be spent in close quarters, rough is out. When you pump iron, do yardwork, or tinker with your ride, wear gloves to prevent callouses from forming. Nice mitts say “nice massage”. Non-scented is your best bet.

You’ll find other tips articles in Details, GQ, and Men’s Health. Sound picky? So are fine babes. Don’t give ’em reasons to shoot you down.



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