Three Little Words

Never pass up a good opportunity to test your skills. Even when the desired outcome is not body, stay free and loose, and always be “on”. When you maintain your winning persona with everyone, it becomes natural when a smokin’ number comes your way. I’m ridin’ the train today, and there’s this hot, stacked, doe-eyed babe sitting with a female co-worker, chatting together a few stops about work. After a bit, the co-worker, who appeared to be a little younger, gets off. Couple times over the next few stops, I take an available seat, only to offer it to middle-aged ladies with bags who board after I’m seated. Though I did this within view of girlfriend, it’s just who I am. There’s actually a space next to her.

I’d put girlfriend at between 28 and 32, and from the conversation I could dig when her cohort was riding, she was a non-nursing medical professional. Black, neatly styled hair, jacket and jeans that showed off a healthy shape, smooth skin, nice mouth. When the coast was clear I sat to the right and perpendicular to, not next to or across the train from girlfriend. My seat faced the doors- hers the front of the car. Now she has her iPod or MP3 on though, and has tried to raise someone on her cell twice, sounded like maybe I heard the word “…Mom…” No worries. I wasn’t gonna say anything, I had assumed early in the commute, that her stop would precede mine. People were around us, but not real close or super attentive.

What the heck- I like to test my stuff for size. “Can I ask you a question,” I smiled while she had earphones in, careful to say it so my lips could be easily read. She nodded.

“Are you married?” I hadn’t peeped a ring. Shakes head no, hint of a smile. I made the sign of a folded-hands prayer and looked skyward, still smiling. She chuckled. I didn’t crack though- I wouldn’t date this girl under the circumstances. I didn’t even look at her after that. Turns out her stop did precede mine- after my question. She gets up, scoots by me, turns as the automatic doors slide open, and smiles waving bye-bye. I’m talking the kind of smile and wave we associate with the end of a great date. Sweet thing!

I recount the story to demonstrate two points- if you’re gonna say something to a honey (and she was nothing if not a honey- a living doll), try to establish some degree of social value first. If I hadn’t shown I was a gentleman, I doubt the reaction to the marriage query, or the departure, would have been the same. Notice I didn’t sit and chat her up- “Where do you work? Do you always get off this late?” and all that. My other point is you don’t need a lot of words, a few, and a meaningful gesture, sticks to babes’ brains. I said three words to girlfriend- but one of them, “married”, carries the impact of a swinging sledgehammer. If our paths ever cross again, I could escalate, but wouldn’t, because I don’t want to court her. That’s for long term. What I teach at PullJoy is aimed at helping you escalate quickly to panties- you can get dates on your own. Not that I’m putting her on a pedestal, but that middle ground between “can we get busy now” and “LTR” is full of land mines and babes not worth the effort- when you often could have expended less time and copped tail elsewhere. Time has taught me that- all that glitters is not gold. I don’t know that girl, and looks mean nothing but looks, but if she’s got half a personality, some chump’s gonna get a heckuva wife.

Moral of story- work on your game as often as possible, be brief and memorable, don’t always have a goal, and establish social value near the outset. You’ll never know where you rank if you sit out the game.



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