Players and PUA Attitude: It’s a Lifestyle

The most significant thing you can ever learn from PullJoy, be it via personal consultation, blog, newsletter, or my upcoming group seminars, is to cultivate your insistence upon the finer and more relaxing things of life, of which gorgeous women are but one aspect. Most good taste is acquired (after all, children’s favorites are pizza and McDonald’s), and with whatever you earn or study, you should live the most fullfilling life you can. You should hear great music, travel if it interest you, and eat well whenver possible. It helps ensure mental and physical health. When people are aware that you enjoy the best, they treat you accordingly. When hot babes notice that you go top shelf in everything you can, they won’t think they’re doing you any favors by being with you.

Living well and exhibiting charm means you don’t have to “turn on” any false personality when pretty women are about. They become part of your atmosphere, your worldview. Once you learn that, with discriminating taste- nice apartments, European and Caribbean vacations, and fine music can be enjoyed, and is not cost-prohibitive- you’ll understand that it’s not all about bank. Love of life includes appreciation of nature and breathtaking sunsets, taking care of yourself, and concern for others. It means not “settling”. It doesn’t mean you’re better than anybody else, it signals that you value the moment. That you’re taking it all in. The most talented visual artists always have this trait. An extension of this is who you spend your time with (time being a valuable commodity, which, unlike money, you can’t go earn more of). Savor life.

Beautiful women have high standards- so should you.



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