Why Touch Tests Are Important

In the PUA and Seduction Lair communities, the term “kino” refers to establishing a connection with a strange woman via touch. It is indeed important. I like to tell my clients to use touch tests during conversation to bridge the tactile gap, and gauge whether there’s mutual interest. If a babe isn’t gonna let you graze her elbow when you use humor, she ain’t gonna shed the panties four hours later. Humans use touch, particularly with hands to non-private areas, to build rapport. It’s a barrier we must cross. In a crowded space, if we accidentally brush the torso of someone we don’t know, we excuse ourselves.

The best time to test touch a honey is when it seems natural, not abrupt or unconnected to jack. That time is at the end of a funny point either you or she has made, and the places are her forearm, elbow, or shoulder. The first two are easier because they are not near her face, and you needn’t raise your arm. Once this border has been easily crossed, a longer rest of your hand atop hers in a quieter place won’t be unprecedented, or feel as risky. It’s not necessary to tell a woman your life story for her to allow a gentle touch. Several times in my life, I’ve made boring out-of-town bus rides more interesting by asking my pretty seat mate, “If you’re not doing anything with that hand, can I hold it?” Haven’t been spurned yet. I don’t really so much hold their hand nearest mine, as allow it to sit on my open palm- I cup it. Every so often I might caress the top with my free hand just to spice up her journey whilst we chat. Hey, life is short.

At any rate, incorporate touch testing into your game, and you’ll have a lot better feeling for where you stand with a babe.



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