Live The Dream

Life is no dress rehearsal- this is for keeps. You should have a sound idea of what you want out of this existence, what would make you happiest. If beautiful women apeal to you, PullJoy is here to take the mystery out of attraction and seduction. One quality that is highly attractve to such women is your being certain of your goals- a person of subtsance and purpose. If your desires are easy for you to define and state, you’ll fare better with employers, investors, business partners, and sexy babes. Many of you are familiar with the term “elevator speech”- in the movie business, if you can’t describe your plot or screenplay during a short elevator ride with an exec- you don’t have it down. Let that be a metaphor for life.

Live your dream. When you meet a woman, ask what hers is. Get beyond the mundane conversation, dinner invites, and physical compliments she hears from most men, and distinguish yourself. Your personality should be as rare as her looks, and you have to make a connection that goes beyond the fact you want to sleep with her. Who doesn’t? She’s got ’em knocking down her door- what’s different about you?

Learn to sell you. If you frequent this blog, some principles should be sinking in. If you’re a newbie, there’s a line in the 80’s movie “The Color of Money”, where veteran pool hustler Paul Newman tells young gun Tom Cruise, “…Pool excellence is not about excellent pool. It’s about becoming somebody…” Substitute the word “pickup” for pool, and you’ll feel me.

You’re different because you live life to the fullest, you’ve charted a course, even if you’re in undergrad, and even with the big picture in view, you can savor the “now”. When you can make the philosophical meet the physiological, and understand those needs are not separate, you’ll have fun and not anxiety when approaching pretty girls. When your appreciation for life and others causes you to treat everyone fairly, you’ll get “it”- which is that PullJoy isn’t about learning how to deceive women into bed. I don’t teach lies, materialism, or complex neurolinguistic patterns. I teach you to work on your inner being, tweak your appearance, and have vision. Your dreams can come true if you see beautiful women as individuals you have to connect with and demonstrate social value, not an intimidating group of strangers.



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