PullJoy: The Joy of Pulling Beautiful Women

Life is so grand- it doesn’t get any better than this (and this entry is being made during a flight delay in a major North Carolina airport- but there are still hotties everywhere). Spring is here, the PullJoy seduction newsletter launches in a few days, and I’m getting into the blogging groove. Just because I learned about women the hard way, doesn’t mean you have to. Why re-invent the wheel, when ol’ ST is teaching you the game?

People ask, “ST, did you go to college?” Well, not for this stuff. I applied at Swarthmore, and the registrar told me “This college is for girls.” I said “So am I.”

I considered majoring in astronomy, because I like heavenly bodies. Anatomy was an option too- as I admire the human form. I wasn’t long for college though- I think my discomfort around (pretty) women made it a painful experience that contributed to my early exit. Now you can learn from my mistakes. I worried about rejection- when in reality, the only losers are those who don’t try. I thought all fine women were spoken for- when in fact, sometimes they just need someone to share their bed that night. I didn’t know how to step to groups. When I did shed some of my shyness, the only reason I had a lot of digits was that I approached a ton of women (and more in the daytime than in clubs). Still, my game was so lame I employed all the wrong “dating” methods, had pitiful phone game, and did things that didn’t distinguish me from all the other guys.

There’s a great satisfaction that comes with victory over an obstacle in life. It’s a confidence builder, and changes your notion of yourself. Beautiful women don’t know the old you- they are only meeting you post-PullJoy. Re-invention is the American dream. Live the dream. You’ll see all manner of hot babes this spring and summer. Why stand around salivating and wondering, “How can I get with that?”, when PullJoy is here?

Spring is about renewal, and like every other time of year, a young man’s fancy turns to women. Contact me at smooth.talker@live.com is you’d like to receive the monthly e-newsletter.



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