Living a Beautiful Life

As you may know, the teens and college years are high risk years for American suicides among those with depression, and other mental health issues. Campus shootings, video game obsession, and other symptoms demonstrate that some males are unable to express their fears and concerns or enjoy their youth:

I know from my own experience there is a special frustration that comes with being on a campus, or in a job where one is surrounded by beautiful girls, but clueless as to how to meet them. PullJoy helps you develop a personality that will attract all people, not just pretty girls. Once other view you as a generous, happy, hail-fellow-well-met (which must be sincere), the rest falls into place.

Great politicians possess this quality. When we are loved, we have a reason to get up every morning. We can’t wait for each new day (and what it it might offer). We’ll launch the PullJoy newsletter early next week (e-mail me at if you’d like to receive it). Even I have to create new challenges and goals to keep life interesting and suspenseful. It takes two to tango, all one need do is learn to behave differently than 95% of the “other guys”. Look forward to scoring with all kinds of hot babes this spring and summer. If that’s not reason for living, nothing is.



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