When You Look at Women, Really Look

I do encourage you to introduce yourself yo lots of beautiful young ladies. That’s the only way you’re gonna meet a lot- and if the mood is right, score that night more often than you could ever imagine. It is important, however, to do careful reconaissance on those you might approach. Forget about things like “How good looking is she, and am I in her league?” You’re not asking her to marry you, PullJoy is about panties. Observe whether she looks like she works in a certain profession, is a current or former jock (muscle tone, tan, or attire can give this away), is from a particular region (good icebreaker), or traveling. Base your opener and your area of conversation on these cues.

She’ll also tell you a lot in conversation- tastes, friends, college experience, schedule and plans. Don’t discuss too much of your personal or professional life, but listen to her dreams and goals. To the extent you do talk about yourself, do so in more general terms- lifestyle, ambition, good times- than specifics such as what you do every day at work, dating, and clubbing. An element of mystery gives her something to solve. The more you notice and remember about her, the sooner a bond is created, and the fact you are attentive- and not just to her chest- will separate you from the pack.

Learn to use those detective skills- they pay big dividends.



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