Kenneth Cole Best Pickup Line Contest Winners

Do pickup lines work in the seduction game? Are they encouraged at PullJoy? My stance on the matter is, if you’re smooth, and she likes you, the panties are yours to lose- so most anything you spit is golden. Where lines fail is where there’s disinterest, or when a connection has not been established. I use them sometimes for fun, to stay loose, when there’s nothing at stake. They can, however, help you sexually escalate once the ice has been broken. Thus pickup lines and oral flattery are more effective after you’ve introduced yourself, and have noticed the woman is interested.

Here are the contest winners from a Best Pickup Line challenge held by the Kenneth Cole company:

So remember, connect with playful banter and light touching. Don’t use cheesy lines as intro’s- pretty women hear them all day, and have heard them all. Should you deliver a clever line, do so during the conversation, accompanied by a sincere tone and sexy smile. If you ain’t gonna be memorable, skip it. I saw a babe listening to an iPod the other day, and was tempted to say, “Why don’t you turn that player off and this player on?” (meaning me), but didn’t because no attraction or social vaule had been established, and we hadn’t met. After you’ve struck up a convo with a hottie, say something like:

“They’re gonna introduce kissing as a sport in the next Olympics, but it’s a doubles sport, and I need a partner.”

Engage her by repeatedly using her name, teasing her about hitting on you (“I’m not that easy you know…”), and asking about her dreams in life. Then drop a sexy line. I’ve listed a few stick-to-her-brain guarantees in previous posts- but in the delivery, smooth tone is everything.



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