Style Points: Body Language and Pickup Technique

Your posture and gait are examined by women. Sexy begins with confidence, seductive body language, and a smile. Filmmakers use long shots and dolly shots of Denzel Washington because he has a distinctive walk (see “American Gangster” or “Inside Man” for examples). Sinatra had the jacket slung casually over one shoulder- smooth. Picture the cool pose of the French boys in Brigitte Bardot movies- one leg forward, one arm raised at a 45 degree angle above the babe’s head, with a palm rested on a wall while talking to her- sort of a high school locker/no getaway stance. Your cool pose has to fit you, as much as clothing or decor. Smile- it puts women at ease. George Clooney and Tom Cruise smile, whether in or out of character.

PullJoy body language says “You want to sex me.” Watch a few cool movie and t.v. characters. Connery as Bond, Cary Grant as the cat burglar in “It Takes a Thief”. Richard Roundtree in “Shaft”. Cruise in “Top Gun” or “Rain Man”, Eddie Murphy in “Boomerang”. Pick a feasible style you admire, that will work for your look and body type, and send those bedroom signals.



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