You Can Bet That He’s Doin’ It For Some Doll

Did you guys hear that Americans don’t use all of their vacation time? A survey by Expedia shows that early a third of employed adults in the U.S. won’t use their time off, which is, on the average, only 14 days a year. A measly two weeks- compared to an average of 26 days in the U.K., 27 in Germany, 31 in Spain, and 37 in France. We’re overworked. We’re not living the dream. And to what end? Why all the status, bank, and expensive toys? To impress hot babes. Why go through all the trouble, only be awkward in social interactions with pretty women? Man cannot live by bread alone.

Do you really think guys become bullfighters or cliff divers for the kicks?

It is a wasted existence to slave away at your job, whether it is fulfilling or not, and not enjoy the fruits of your labor. High achieving males have traditionally busted their butts so they might be the most desirable to highly attractive women. Tribal chiefs, conquerors, professional athletes, rock stars and politicians all have been so motivated. It’s the reason so many are willing to risk committed relationships by cheating. Since the dawn of man, acquiring more goods has translated to sexing the most women. And there is inherent risk in becoming a standout entrepreneur or 35-year old officeholder. Yet some of us are workaholics, sans the reward. Some wile away hours in chat rooms, on dating or personals websites, or are hooked on video games or porn. Put them in the company of hotties, and they’re lost.

PullJoy is here to provide balance in your life. There’s nothing wrong with success, but don’t kill yourself pursuing it for its own sake. Bask in your achievement by enjoying a well-rounded existence framed by good entertainment, rewarding meals, lovely women, and, if so inclined, world travel. The most desired women generally prefer spending time with men who stand out, not because of their wallets, but because of the drive, confidence and charisma of which the money was a by-product.

You can’t take it with you.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Get game, it will assist you in all aspects of life, as the way you do anything is the way you do everything. I know what those French and Spanish men are doing with all that vacation time- women.




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