Show Her The Funny: Why Humor is Sexy to Babes

Forget what they say about Al Gore and Bill Bradley’s wooden presidential campaigns, or Senator Hillary Clinton- one-on-one, anyone can be funny. That’s right, any dude within e-shot of this blog can charm the panties off a pretty girl with laughter. How do you do this if you’re not considered a laugh riot? Employ sarcastic observation about your immediate surroundings, the band, the bar service, or the rush hour. Exaggerate. Tease. Accuse her of hitting on you (“I’m not easy…” “Down girl…”). Maintain a mischievous smile. Who can’t do that?

Shift the conversation from work or school- everybody talks about that stuff with her. Most women’s three favorite topics (when men aren’t present, and besides guys) are fashion, family and fitness- not sports, business and babes- which are ours. Humor allows them an escape from those self-conscious, serious matters. It helps them relax. If you can take them away in this mental manner, it’s sexy.

Banter builds bonds. Watch the late night talk show hosts (they’re all male), and how they interact with their guests, regardless of the gender, age, or career of the interviewee. It’s light-hearted and spontaneous- whether it’s Craig Ferguson, Conan O’Brien, Letterman or Leno. If you listen to sports talk radio, or watch ESPN or FOX sports shows and roundtables, you see how guys give each other, and the athletes being discussed, the business.

If you want to put the hotties at ease, humor’s a breeze.



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