Live The Dream, The PullJoy Way

Guys, life is no dress rehearsal. When you’re an oldie, you don’t want to look back on your youth, or early middle age, and think, “I wish I had known more about women. I was successful, but where did the time go? What was all the money for?” Play for keeps. You can buy flashy cars, you can rent an expensive condo, but you can’t buy, or turn back time. The time to understand beautiful women is now- while you can do something about it. Life is meant to be lived, literally. That’s the basis of my credo.

When you see a lovely girl or woman, at least banter with her, it keeps you sharp, exhibits confidence, and diffuses the mystery about highly desired females. See what she’s about beyond looks. Better to know her status, and where she stands regarding you, than wonder in misery.

As long as I can remember, and long before I had game, I made sure that if a great basketball player or baseball player, or noted team was in town, I went to see them. I feel the same about music, and even parts of the world. You won’t see ol’ ST in a rocking chair wishing he had done something when he had his health. Once I summoned up the courage and found my inner charisma, I felt the same way about babes. If a gorgeous woman and I shared the planet during the same era, why not take a shot and offer to spend time with her? What’s there to lose? I saw Jordan, Bird, Eric Dickerson, McGwire, Domnique, Griffey, and Pujols in person, and if a superbad babe is in my age and geographic range, I want to experience her company. Quiet desperation is for chumps.

Otherwise she might as well exist in a history book. I may never meet the most attractive actresses, singers and models of my time, but if I were told I had three weeks to live, I could die happy in the knowledge that I sexed, or in other cases passionately kissed, some of the baddest women I’ve ever seen in my life- women who rank physically with any celebrity. If she’s not with a man, I try not to let opportunity pass me by. Especially when it’s dressed in such a pretty package. Sound superficial? Sorry, guys can’t fake arousal. Think of the countless guys in prison, poverty, or warfare, who can’t sex jack. Or, if Jack wants to sex them, they don’t swing that way.

There’s a line in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”- “…If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up…” Dude wasn’t referrring to beautiful girls, but he might well have been. Suffice it to say, I am.

Try it some time, it’ll do your spirit a world of good.



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