Drawing the Line Between Confident and Cocky/Arrogant

How do you know when the alpha persona crosses the line? What degree of swagger is just right when it comes to stepping to hot babes? First of all, temper all your jests and remarks with a smile, it takes any potential edge off, and signals good-hearted intent. Don’t employ braggadocio, and keep a lot of the conversation on her- pay attention. How can you be self-centered if you’re inquiring about her long term dreams? Maintain steady, but not creep eye contact. Don’t stare, dude- connect.

Don’t rap forever, bond and bounce. Once you’ve escalated to playful touch or a cheek kiss, she’s in there- ask to change venues (a more private spot facilitates intimate kissing). If moving the set isn’t an option, see what she’s doing later, or cop the digits for near future panties.

Keep any teasing good natured and impersonal. Better to banter about the deejay, the traffic, or a famous celebrity in the news, than her or her girlfriends. You’re funny, and fun to be with, not mean-spirited. You’ll be able to sense the difference between the assuredness it takes to book a strange babe, and being a tool.

It’s warm out guys. Go Live The Dream, the PullJoy way.



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