Demystifying Women: The Mack Track

Guys, let’s establish something up front. Women enjoy sex, and probably more than you. They are, after all the gender with a body part that solely exists for sexual pleasure (a clitoris). They can enjoy multiple orgasmssans interruption. They don’t real their peak libido until their forties. They reach puberty long before males. That adds up to a long healthy sex life if they so choose. Ah, you say, but ST- every thing I’ve read says women differ from men in that they must feel attached, have to be in the mood, and they reach arousal in stages- not an instant erection. None of that should stop you from stepping to women PullJoy style. Here’s why:

Granted, women are not as likely as we to hop in the sack with someone merely because they’re hot (rich maybe, in some cases, but not hot). What I teach you to do however, is bond in warp speed. The connection most babes feel on the third “date” or so, I use humor and light touch to foster right off. The sense that you’re sexy, fun to be with, confident, and have other sexual options is conveyed day one. Thus we ask for the panties early on. To be honest, she knows soon after meeting you whether she feels a sexual or a “friend” connection- the convictions that prevent babes from acting on this bond too quickly are social. It doesn’t “look” right, and if you two are gonna “date”, you might not call back. PullJoy ain’t about dating, it’s about drawers. If a babe isn’t feeling you that way, she could date you for months and never relinquish the tail. If she is, well, consider this. I have a female cousin who would come to my city with two or three girlfriends, once a year, because we have more nightclubs than their hometown. One year, a mutual friend of her brother and me agreed to let one of the girls, who didn’t want to share a hotel room with the rest, crash at his spot for the weekend. They’d never met. Girlfriend was about 30. She takes a shower that weekend, and comes out draped only in a towel. This is an example of a girl (and an attractive one at that) who was ready to sex. He just happened to be available- had he not been, someone in the club might have gotten lucky. The thing is, in the club, someone would have to have stepped to her.

These situations do not only arise when women are traveling (a desire is a desire, travel merely precludes the likelihood of a sullied rep with a guy who may date her again). And even if they were limited to such, perhaps you live in a city known for conferences and conventions (Orlando, Baltimore, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, DC, NYC, Miami, San Diego, Nashville or San Juan). Don’t limit yourself to visitors though- opportunities abound every night. Loveliness does not eliminate loneliness.

Women aren’t some mysterious gender from a distant planet. We all arrived here via women having sex. Those portruding bellies you see everywhere are living proof. Halle Berry, J-Lo and Ashlee Simpson didn’t get “in a family way” with test tubes, boys. What does that have to do with scoring fast? There’s so much you don’t know. The more beautiful women you step to, the more likely, in this age of contraception, birth control, independent female income, and enlightened viewpoints, you’ll encounter those that are in the mood like yesterday. Your self-assuredness, your unique style, your outlook on life (you’re in love with it), and your ability to immediately bond using playful humor and light touch, accelerate a process 90% of the schmucks prolong by “dating”. Why wine and dine when all you want is the behind? This isn’t 1965, she can make up her mind if she wants to sex you or not. She’s a big girl, often with her own crib.

Let ’em down off the pedestal, fellas.

Macking is a science, but not rocket science. Be sincere, and expect to score- it works wonders. Always remember this- the babe you’re approaching and seducing that instant doesn’t know you used to be afraid of pretty girls, she only sees what’s in front of her. When a seasoned trial lawyer is making a closing argument, the jury doesn’t know this procedure used to make them mad nervous. Even Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle asked to be shipped back to the minors after a few weeks flailing at big league pitching. Tell that to the guys that faced them when they were in their respective heydays.

Sex is not foreign to her, you just have to qualify.



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